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My name is Gavriel. I love Japanese food, music, traveling, movie, anything and everything vintage, being with my awesome family and of course, photography.
As a photographer, I am constantly thinking of new ways to create art. Everywhere I go I am always studying light. It completely consumes my thinking, and I love it! Every photo shoot is unique and I like to bring that uniqueness out every time.
I began taking pictures as references for my drawings and paintings. My favorites were expressive portraiture. I loved painting dramatic hands, dewy eyes, and intense contrast. In high school, my teacher would hand me a simple camera, a measly little lamp, I would grab a friend or two, run into the art supply closet, turn off all the lights and take pictures for painting. I had never considered then that I was only paving the way. It got to the point where the images themselves were really good. So I began experimenting with DSLRs and Film, and have been in love ever since.