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My name is Losta. Im from Indonesia. Im just ordinary guy, who have a lot of dreams :D . As ordinary guy, i have many hobbies, such as listening music, travelling and design. I like many kind of music, like Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Rock, Blues, Pop, Metal, and Classic. In music, i also guitarist freelance, to help my friend if they need some help for perform. My influence on guitar was so many, here some of them Jimmy Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton, BB king, and many more that too much if i mention here.

Im born in the middle of family who have interested about "beauty". The word beauty that i mention here, have alot of shape , meaning and depend on situation. My family have a high apreciation about how to apreciate the "beauty" of something. Like paint, craftmenship, design, nature and the other things. Because of that, im also have interest about design. Im also like landscape design, garden design, home design and many shape of design.

Maybe this is my way to give thanks to GOD, who give me bless on my life. I can apreciate the beauty of many things that HIM create. God create many of the "beauty" in the world that we didn't count of them. Start from sea, land and sky. There's so many miracle on our earth. Animal, Plant, Human and water just a little "beauty" which HIM create. We have eyes to see , ears to hear, hand to touch.

My interest about design, actually begin about long time ago, when i was at 5th elementary school. My Parent teach me, about to apreciate the "beauty" of many things in the world. Therefore , until now. My interest about design just keep in my life


thanks to GOD