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About Me

I've been doing photography since I was young boy, acquiring my first Canon aged 6. I learnt the art and craft of photography from my grandfather, an experienced photographer who I still look up to. I began to experiment even more when a digital platform arose in the 2000's. Though there's a certain sentimentality about working with film, I feel that growing up in the digital era deeply affected my manner of working.

My photography took a professional turn in '08/'09 as websites across Greece began featuring my work. In '09 I moved to London and studied theatre & psychology while exploring the art of photography, as well as music and dance. As of '10 I began to teach Capoeira seminars in the UK and Greece an used the opportunity to expand my landscape portfolio. In '11 and '12 I did a lot of personal work and read up on photography which led to my busiest summer ever in '13. After the successful summer in Mykonos, Greece, I decided to spend 8 months in Brighton, from where I travelled to various locations in the UK to work on all artistic endeavours.

I am currently located in Mykonos, Greece for the summer after having spent 8 months abroad. My rate for a standard photoshoot is 100€.

P.S. For more information on my music please visit:



25 Sep 14 23:18
Beautiful work!
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