Oberst-Gruppenführer Zhang
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About Me

Right now I can only say I am a friendly person who is interested in you and your passions and excitements. I live very much in the now and do not think too far ahead, following my passion and excitement from moment to moment.

Recently I have been moving out of my mind-space into my heart-space and "feeling" more than I "think". Doing this has opened up to me so many unexplored areas of my own consciousness and also realize all the separation and differences in the world is an illusion and WE ARE ALL ONE.

Other than this I do not have much to say about myself right now but I may add more in the near future. Also if you interact with me I am only reflecting you back to yourself just as you are reflecting me back to myself. So please ask me any questions you have for me. Thank you very much sincerely best regard.