About Me

This is my 2nd account as my 1st account was compromised by a hacker and I have gotten it deleted to try and make sure that no one else gets compromised

My name is Raja Mokhzairi. I am a junior photographer with 3 years of experience under my belt since I started photography. I started in this industry when I took up my Diploma in Digital Photography in 2007.

I did some freelance work, mostly in weddings and events, though my passion has included Fashion and Portraiture work all this while.

Now I am a working student, studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Professional Design majoring in Advertising.

In the mean time, I will continue my first and foremost passion, my photographic endeavors, both artistic and commercially.

My fashion sense and artistic inspirations mostly come from the Movies and Television shows rather directly from the fashion scene. More than that, I often look to Japanese anime and manga for ideas. I like to combine fashion and fantastical scenes and scenarios to make my photos.

I'm at a stage where I don't have a strict photographic style. I have more or less understood the basics but still haven't grasped what makes me unique.

So to confront this dilemma of mine, I have come up with 3 projects.

1) Operation Original Recipe - Original, Inspired ideas

2) Operation Rediscover - Recycle old and used ideas, dashed with my own interpretation and style.

3) Operation Reanimation - Reproduction of existing works. Using observation and analysis, recreate the lighting and mood of other people's work.

This year I am aiming to strengthen my portfolio using these 3 projects. That said,I would love to collaborate with Photographers, Makeup artists, Stylists and Models to help strengthen each other, study to further our artistic pursuits and create intriguing, interesting and fundamentally, beautiful artworks.

I am also available for hire for any commercial fashion/lifestyle/architectural/portrait/event work.

Don't hesitate to message or mail me for any enquiries.

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R Mokhzairi