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Hey everyone! Just to get you familiar with where i fit in the scene. I had a friend who was into photography and that talent and skill drove me to want to learn everything there was to know about cameras and photography and how the industry worked. Now armed with a camera i take nothing for granted and i view the world through a view finder as if it were a dream but my pictures turn them to reality.
I by no means am a professional photographer, but the skill i do have each day im working, studying and practicing to perfect my gift and im truly blessed by the company i keep.
go through my pictures im always opened for feedback and opinions.


13 Apr 12 08:04
Aww thankss :) Hey we should do a metal shoot!!! You should bring your band and Ill be the drummer, then the guitar player(;)), then bass, then lead screamer!! it's be awesome!!
12 Apr 12 21:38
Thanks sweetheart!! Your very talented in more than just photography!! Ive been tryin to learn the guitar.. so far Smoke on the Water is all I know :D lol Don't hate Im beast at it.. I can play it like 5 different ways
12 Apr 12 19:56
Your welcome!!! Thanks for the comments on my facebook page!!!
12 Apr 12 08:57
if thats you in the Profile pic LOVE the snake bites!!!! thanks for the FR
11 Apr 12 22:44
Hi! Thanks for the FR. Please "Like" my page facebook.com/KadivaAlcortaOfficialModelPage Thanks for your support :) xoxoxoxo
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