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About Me

Hello friend

My name Indra P Gunarto
I'm from Jogja,yes you know as Yogyakarta,one province in south center of java
I was born in Bandung ,but I live in Jogja when child until now I studied in Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta
I like photography,but just hobbies,during I know photography until now,I still not know about flash and strobist,so I register in this Istudio to know what abaout strobist photography and I want got more friend in here
So,nice to meet you all ,I hope I can get more skill from looking photo and talk one to one in here,thankyou :)

Oh yap,you can see me in my fb on this link

and you can see more at my twitter,so follow it and I'll follow back :) @indrapgunarto