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About Me

My journey into boudoir started a few years ago when a friend asked me to do a boudoir shoot for her for a Valentine's present for her husband. To be honest...I panicked. I wondered how I could get my client to exude sexiness when I myself am not sexy at all. I can rock cute...but sexy is not not thing I have ever believed myself to be.

My time in boudoir has taught me that everyone's definition of sexy is different. Everyone has a different picture in their mind when they hear that word. Me...I see strength and confidence. Believing that you are beautiful both inside and out. That's sexy to me. It took me years to see past the cutesiness of myself and see myself as all those attributes that make a person sexy. But I found them. My role as your photographer is to get a clear understanding of what sexy is to you...and coach you to bring it out...because trust me, it has always been there. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to bring out that which was always inside of you...strength, confidence, and beauty.