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About Me

Just ordinary documentator..mostly using handycame and my Nikon.
some types of special and accidental moment is the primary object of my documentations work.

watching a documentary video is the best thing i like, therefore i do my job to made samthing special moment be always memorable for anyone, and especially for them who had been recorded inside my camera. This is what made my job is different to others. I give the final result of my edited (photos or short film) to they who had been the actors inside. i dont let anyone see my product before they themself had it.

most cameraman and photograpers (documentary style) only provide the result for their costumer/client or mass media. the subject then only became an object. i need to try my best not to be like that.

and..BTW..i do spying work for certain client also...just to fullfill their curiousity to something, or may be for certain evidences in particular reasons...and clients always satisfied with my works, that is why i used dokterdesa as my pen name.