About Me

Hello everyone........
I am a photographer, working and living in Los Angeles.I picked up photography about a year ago and fell in love with it. I love outdoor/nature and black & white photography but I'm open to pretty much any thing so if you are interested and would love to join talents, drop me a line and I'm always looking to collaborated with other photographer I need some photographer friends...well thanks for stopping by.....


I have worked with:

Erin storm
Viridiana oliva
Valencia Moore
Maggie Velazquez
Marisela Velazquez
Jakelyn MM 1544763
Amy Force MM 1722276
Brittany Fox MM 1315373
Steffe Vintage MM 1332002
Mini Ann MM 1264211
Jeannette MM 1031174
Elizabeth Nguyen
Raysa Munoz
Michelle Demian MM 2328014
Page Osborne MM 2327323
Mistie Jai MM 1784472
Irina MM 2275170
Ingrid Nae MM 2211835
Michael Potgoreanu MM 2191125