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As a FORMER member of that other site with all the childish mayhem, I'm looking forward to a much more mature and flexible place here.

I'm a veteran photographer in the Paradise Valley /North Phoenix area, offering a variety of photography and imaging services. I specialize in glamour, erotic, and personal image creation for women, for nearly any purpose, including adult/web content.
PLEASE NOTE: I am currently shooting the bulk of my work on film (call me a purist) which can be converted to digital files at any time. This requires than I am not able to do "on the spot" previews, and I cannot/will not be providing digital files, CDs, DVDs, or thumb drive images during shooting! All images will be presented for viewing typically 3-5 days after shooting, and you will have a choice of images on CD or in printed form. Please discuss your needs BEFORE we shoot, as policies are non-negotiable after the fact.


09 Jun 14 23:44
Nice work!
09 Mar 12 12:09
Thank you for the tag. I totally agree with your comment:) Regards,
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