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Hi I am Steve Yauchi and I just hope to show the world what I see. I am here to meet anyone and everyone . I like to observe and then record what I see. It doesn't matter what . Just throw out an idea and I like to see what I can accomplish.I would like to meet people with the same ideas heck people with different ideas. Living is a learning experience I am always willing to listen to what someone has to say. ^_^ If you are interested in shooting you can contact me here or call my cell 909-569-5152.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully my pictures will change peoples worlds in a small way.

Steve A Yauchi


I have worked with the awesome Marie Tran! She brings a certain type of energy to her. Its more then fun! Thank you for being my first MUA to work with.I would love to work her again. MUA #676177

I also worked with the sweetheart Erica. I recommend her! We had a good laugh!


17 May 10 18:33
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos :)
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