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Fiona Rose has been modeling for just over 6 years in the clothing industry back in St Maartin. Fiona is an experienced Hair and Make-Up Artist. Fiona comes to her shooting assignments pressed, dressed and ready for action early and on time. I am approaching this modeling business very realistically knowing that I'm not America's Next Top Model, but, I am very much a hard working business model. By this I mean, I get the job done: The Right Way, The First Time. Because for both myself and my client I know that "Time Waisted, is Money Waisted" and trust me, I'm not about waisting time nor money. I take directions exceptionally well. If you know what it is that you are looking for and can explain yourself clearly I can deliver to your project the look that you require of me. I am always fun to work with and funny at times. I am both educated and very well spoken. I mingle quite comfortably with both men and women of all walks of life.

What I am looking for right at this time from the exposure here on iSTUDIO is to be in front of a clients camera at least 6 to 8 times per week, if possible. I'm looking to bring to an assignment my 6 years of fashion modeling experience and to become deeply connected with the right Professionals in this industry. In this industry modeling for me is just the beginning of my journey, I am looking forward to making the name "Fiona Rose" become as recognized as is FORD & ELITE Modeling. I look forward to working with other male and female models and photographers as well. I have very high standards and well grounded work ethics, and I expect nothing less from the professional with whom I work with.

At this time I am not looking for "cookie cutter cutie photo shoots". If you have any exciting, creative commercial, fashion marketing themes in mind please forward it to me with the complete details of your project, include the type of compensation for the project. Although I have suggested that I will consider shooting nude or semi nude, this is completely of my own discression per project only and the value of compensation being offered.

My passport is up to date and with the respectful amount of notice (7-14 days), I can be in route to your shoot. Of course ALL travel and hotel expenses are required to be paid by the client in advance via a CLEARED check, money order, cash or direct deposit. I do not accept any lodging accommodations at anyone's private residence, guest house or studio extra room. IF you are not able to provide me with at least a 72 hour cancelation notice I will not look to refund you with 100% of your compensation, especially if I have already purchased any necessities for my traveling.

When traveling outside of the United States to your assignment I will require in advance and in Writting, full disclosure of your release form and a contact sheet of clients that you have done paid work with. "This is not personel, this is only business" and is required by my managing agent and attorney.C


25 Oct 11 01:41
Black Velvet, welcome to iStudio.... I like what I see in your port and I wish we were closer... Keep up your GREAT work....
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