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I enjoy taking photos of insanely gorgeous female subjects in natural settings and on location. I am open to all styles and genres. I am specializing in Water Shots, especially in the Ocean Surf, Urban Sexy, Lingerie, and Boudoir,.

"En Trance" is another name that I use for my photography.

I would love to work with you on a submission to any publication.

I embrace all nationalities, races, religions, and ethnicities. I will rarely shoot with male subjects.

Please contact me to hire me or for TFP/TFCD. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to do a first TFCD with a brand new, insanely gorgeous, female model. My desire is to Freelance for Men's magazines, Brands, and diverse publications. I have shot for two magazines, but I hope to expand in the near future.

I consider all models as permanent clients and I will treat them with respect in all that I do. I will only contact or friend request you if I would love to work with you. Consider it to be a handshake. I will do everything in my power to work with you.

You should only work with a photographer that you know very well or that you have thoroughly researched. If you have difficulty with this, it may be possible to arrange for an initial meeting or a test shoot. All Professional Shoots are Private and Escorts are not desired. If you require and escort then I will also require an escort. All shoots will be video taped without exception.

A model release is required prior to all shooting. It is NOT a contract, but it is the Model's prior statement permitting the photographer to record, post, publish, transmit, sell, ..., etc., the recorded media in the prescribed artform. All Lingerie shoots require release of Artistic Nudity because it is the intent of Lingerie to barely cover nudity.

I am always looking for work, and you are a fine opportunity. Happy shooting!

1. Intends to modify photographers's recorded media in violation of copyright laws.
2. Does not respect photographer's need for time to finish pictures and disrupts photographer's editing work flow. She usually associates late pictures with past experiences and fails to realize that she is the common part.
3. Shows up with un-announced friends and escorts.
4. Pulls outfits out of a plastic grocery bag.
5. Fails to show up to a location that has been reserved or rented.
6. Does not allot sufficient time to comfortably shoot all sets.
7. Does not restrict cell phone calls during a shoot.
8. Is confused about the ownership of recorded media.
9. Throws crap all over the location/set.
10. Loves Gold and Silver Glitter eye shadow and makeup. Nothing worse for digital photography. Shine Baby Shine.
11. Makes up her face 5 shades lighter or pinker than the rest of her body.
12. Comes to the beach or pool with makeup that is not designed to resist water.



10 Jul 13 13:37
No problem
25 Jun 13 01:56
Insanely beautiful portfolio. I also love how straight up you are in your about me, that's very hard to find! Keep up the fantastic work!
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