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About Me

Hello Everyone,

My experience:
18yrs as an event and model photographer.

Goals: To try things I've never done before, to continue learning new things, meet people from all walks of life, to live! (Every day is a learning experience that never stops).

Most important of all: TO HAVE FUN!

I am very easy going, and you can expect a professional level of service.I am on time all the time, I will work with you if you have ideas for a shoot (Any ideas on creativity are welcomed).
If I hire you for a shoot be courteous and professional please, if I am on time then so should you (You are getting paid for a job). All I ask is that if you want to cancel a shoot for any reason, that's fine, just please let me know ahead of time, carrying all the equipment and hiring extra help is a pain. Thanks!



28 Apr 14 12:30
Cool work!
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