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I have been shooting off and on for about 10 years, but I have never really put a lot into it. I have recently decided to pick up my camera and have another go at it. So I'm interested to see what I can come up with. Please, leave me a comment. I would appreciate it.

I put forth a lot of effort in my shoots. Not every image turns out the way I want, but it is all about the adventure of working with the model(s) to create something together. Sometimes you shoot for something and miss your mark, but then end up with something even better.


10 Jun 16 02:11
You have nice works! love it!
30 Jan 14 01:39
Gorgeous port!
25 Jan 14 09:27
Thanks so much for the tag! Gorgeous port. Best of luck to you :)
24 Jan 13 19:44
I love the pose of your avatar, very sweet pose
01 Jan 13 21:55
Have a Happy New Year and a great 2013! www.TopRetouch.com
28 Oct 12 21:24
I enjoyed working with you also tons of fun...hope to work togethe again soon :)
02 Jul 12 11:53
Very nice port.
25 Jun 12 18:26
Thank you for accepting my request. Great work, I really like it. :)
20 May 12 15:27
Thanks for the FR and your comments. Great work in your port too. :)
14 May 12 20:24
Thank you for the compliment, dear! I look forward to seeing all this site has to offer. Gabby
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