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am an french photographer,body-writer & painter . I love photography and have since childhood.i did paintings murals last 20years. drawing & bodywriting are my passion.
I'm available for any awesome artistic mission.
for models who want collaborate with me.i'm working actually on a serie of bodywriting drawings in big size paper;
i do shooting & bodywriting..or 2 solutions: 1/i'm working directly on a photography or 2/ i'm working with one pic of the model & i create the writing after & on the drawing!

>if you want collaborate,send me a message please.



An incredible talent! I am a "loyal" fan from the first day ! Pixelstudio Photographer
this is pretty incredible. i love it! DRAW ME! <3 Cara Palermo
Your work is a amazing. A true talent with a pencil. The Silver Rose
This is strong. You did some really good work here, managed to creative the feelings in the drawing! L.Jensen
this is fantastic, it is my imagination come to life in your drawing, love it;) Karina Ruberte
gorgeous!!! i love your creativity! kerem avni
Bless from God! Talent name. Romanian Dreamer
Your work creates so much great emotion. Keep it up! Gosia L
I have no words, that'll best describe how much I love this work, KUDOS! Betty-Boo
your work leaves me speechless John DeFiora
és o melhor que eu já vi! You are the best that i ever seen!!! Neuza Diza
this is incredible! just jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring incredible! NiKo SaccHi
this is soooo awesome. I am a fan of yours - great work!!! Jenni1300
your work is amazing! really great skills :) Lilith Ave Satanas
Your are a great artist, i bow to your talent x Kelly Wortman
oh wow please draw me oh please please! lexihex
ur just to good well more then that Vaggedy Ann
I like your style. Stephen Thorne


17 Aug 14 19:26
Nice work!
12 Mar 12 02:20
Your work is originally wonderful!!
28 Jan 12 10:28
thank you..:)
28 Oct 11 17:17
thanx for the friend request for bookings www.atastefromheaven.com ps great work love the bw avatar -Angel
20 Oct 11 08:33
Hey awesome work in ur port likkin the style thanks for the love on my page come by anytime ur welcome
16 Oct 11 02:52
Great work. Very talented!
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