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About Me

I have been doing photography work for five years. I do photography full-time, job free. I spend a lot of time and money on my equipment and education. I am quality focused and refuse to cut corners with less than the best equipment or less than near perfect quality finished product. I've always been open to any kind of photography although my goal is to shoot model/pinups. I'm finally making that transition to focusing more on model/pinup stuff and less on the typical photography scene (weddings, families, etc...). There are some big plans for Trigger Happy Productions in the near future.

As for interests, I get bored with just glamor model type shoots. I like to have fun and do different things. I have some ideas I'm planning on shooting soon including Red Riding Hood, second amendment rights, zombies, zombie pinups, and some other things I'm keeping locked in my brain for a little while.

I have some upcoming projects that I'll be looking to shoot. I currently sponsor two pro motocross teams and am the official photographer of the series. I'm also working on a motocross calendar with local girls with local bikes. There's a lot of interest in doing a few other types of calendars so there may be more in the near future.

Feel free to message me for information or to share your ideas of how we could do some work together.

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