About Me

ordinary me.. and always trying to be me..
learning to paint the light in my vision..
capturing the moment around..
see the world in different way..
enjoy the life as much as the life enjoy me..

Start from hobby, willing to do more and more within photography world.
I like traveling.. and editing some photograph to killing my time.

I 'm not a professional photographer so i just learn to take some shot with a model and still looking (maybe you) for the next one..

Well ..
Feel free to write a comment about my picture..
I need some critics about my photos, so i can be a good photographer..


16 Oct 11 02:49
Great port!
20 Sep 11 17:41
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross! look me up if you're ever in SoFla! ;)
17 Sep 11 19:41
Thank you for the request, have a great weekend! R@ndi.:)
07 Sep 11 13:20
thanks for the add.
07 Sep 11 13:05
thx 4 being my friend
07 Sep 11 12:13
thanks for the FR! ;)
07 Sep 11 00:05
thank you for FR.....adik has more photos in adik's profile in www.modelmayhem.com
06 Sep 11 14:17
Lovely work.
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