About Me

Hello everyone My website is Under Construction and Thinking with my 3rd EYE! - WiLL a.k.a COLL'CaT© I'm a photographer, graphic designer/artist, that can just do about anything in ART. I'm very creative and willing to work.
I'll have more information about myself in a month or so, but for now! I'm in the process to develop some fascinating ideas etc,… and developing all the open options I'll have available for you in due time… SOON. One thing about me is that I love it, "as I shall say" choreographing ones body proportion to capture the right perspective, foreshortening, lighting as for compositions…, Thanks for adding me. I'll take a look at your profile and checking out your point of views.
These photos I've SHOT and posted are temporary until next time.

WiLL :)

Will Hines PGD (Photography and Graphic Design)