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At GND we specialize in producing content for Pay Websites. We do not sell content to anyone else. All content produced by GND is used only on websites we produce. We have been doing website since 1998 and are very good at what we do. We also pay more than other producers do (up to 1000.00 a day and up to 80% of the website revenue). Girls selected must be comfortable modeling in thong bikini's and sheer lingerie at a minimum. We do non-nude, nude and adult websites. It is your choice to model in the way your are most comfortable. You can expect to make 1,200.00 to 2,500.00 for a 4 day non-nude shoot, 2,500.00 to 5,000.00 for a nude 4 day shoot and 10,000.00 to 15,000.00 for an adult 7 day shoot. You must be dependable and reliable. It doesn't matter if you've never modeled before but you must have the desire and ability to be sexy and seductive. You can get in touch with me between the hours of 8 AM and Midnight Pacific time. If you have and questions don't hesitate to give me a call. I look forward to working with you.
714-612-4592 Jay McKay


08 Jun 11 10:30
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
21 May 11 01:33
Welcome to iStudio.
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