About Me

A journalist shows you what's there...An artist shows you what is beautiful, interesting, or meaningful within it...

Sometimes I'm one. Sometimes, the other. I try to be both...

Photographer and professional negotiator from the US (Boston) with more than two decades' experience doing photojournalism, travel/war photography, street photography, and fashion shoots. After spending so much time seeing -- and shooting -- the ugly side of the world (conflict), I decided I would use photography to see and experience beauty, as well. For the last decade, I've been doing studio and location shoots, specializing in lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, runway, and artistic shoots.

Co-owner of B-Scene Studios in Singapore, and owner of Gem-in-Eye Studios in Bali, Indonesia (coming soon). Have shot for several news, fashion, lifestyle, and technology magazines -- mainly in Asia. I shoot mostly in Bali, and some in Singapore. But I travel just about anywhere... Always up for an adventure!...

I'm a gentleman and a professional. I know it can be hard for female models -- especially in Asia -- to find real professionals who treat you with respect. Fortunately, there are still a few of us out here!...

Occasionally looking for models for fashion, lingerie, and swimwear work -- particularly in Singapore, Bali..."Island of the Gods" (...and Goddesses, of course!...), and Sri Lanka.

Am on ModelMayhem a bit more. www.modelmayhem.com/keithfitzgerald

PM me here, or there, and I should get it. Thanks!



14 Apr 15 12:28
Great port!
10 Apr 15 18:26
Terrific port! Keep up the great work!
10 Apr 15 16:34
Nice work!
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