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November 9, 2008

**Many thanks to my model Jen, who today blessed me with her presence, her beauty, and her grace. She is truly a professional very worthy of your time and talent. She made my day an amazing one and her impression on me will be one of permanence.**

Well, I've been shooting people again for about a couple of years now and I have had many awesome experiences with a lot of incredibly gorgeous and talented models.

I am here to help you. I love to shoot with both new and experienced models. I particularly love shooting with first timers because I think that I can provide them with a very positive learning experience and some excellent images.

The very few negative experiences that I have had are in the past and it is time to move forward to more positive things in life and to promote more beauty and love in the world. There can never be enough of either!

If you are on this site and contact me, the only thing that I ask is that you are serious and dedicated to scheduling a shoot. You are wasting time for the both of us if you have no intention of being sincere and responsible. Don't treat me any different that you would like to be treated and we can make beautiful music together!!!

I am so grateful to all of the beautiful models that have allowed me the honor of working with them. I am forever indebted to them.

Any comments, criticisms or even compliments are always welcome! I can be reached by cell phone at 254-749-8170, home 254-662-6243 or e-mail at tjrphoto@hotmail.com.



I had the BEST time working with you!! I love my photos and can't wait for Shoot #2!

Thanks so much for escorting me to 190! It was fun to shoot with you. Have a good day!

I had a wonderful time working with you this weekend. Thank you for your concern. I am feeling much better now.

LOVE my new photos!!! Your the best, I should have a few up soon!!

TOM!!!! I just got my package, OMG! Thank you!!!!

TTOOMM! i miss you, thank you for gettin me where I am... i owe it allll to you.

Thank you soooo much for the pic comments!!! I can't wait to work with you again and thank you for voting for me!

Hey, loved working with you last week!! You are great to work with and a great photographer to boot!!!
Models I have worked with:

Tayler Delane 725046
Laura Nichole 518838
Cali Daughter 530734
Eden Barham 707656
Athena Adair 729936
L Woods 636218
Laura Too 82200
Melinda Green 374598
Desirya 495462
Anais Gabriel 510970
Rebekah Grayson 381216
X Erica Dee 456626
Jenna Pacheco 398951
Lady Danille 428810
MsCongeniality 377169
Mindy8188 380722
Heatherliane 564259
Jen Dixon 826342
Elizabeth Chambless 818244


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In regards to your tag. Are you currently working on a concept?
19 Apr 10 18:30
Thanks for the comments!
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