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I have been taking photographs for 20 + years. I consider myself a semi-pro photographer. I just started into the portraiture styles and looking to add a more edgy tone to my work, I am always looking for great models to work with. My other styles that I enjoy are landscapes, close up, black and white, and starting to try artistic. I have been told that I am very easy to work with and always open for suggestions of a shoot. I do not photoshop my pictures, all shots are natural. I prefer to shoot TF, this is a passion that I enjoy, not a job. Due to the high number of flakes, I am being selective on shoots. If I send you a comment, friend request or list you, it's because I like your style, look or work. Have a wonderful day.


01 Mar 11 14:46
Thank you for the friend request and the tag!!! I would love to collaborate with you
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