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hi..my name is dust, I am not the pro but i wish i could take some photo with similar result, having some friend and models to discover more about photography..and still very far away to become a profesional photographer.

Start with my first gear nikon D90 and discover with all the friend and models, to find out how to make the proper photo that could perform to be shown with all positive feed back as value added for my perusal.

However, I really enjoying for building models portfolio including myself as part of discovering trough the lenses. and hoping for more work with you all, with spirit of sharing,knowledge and understanding.

best regards,


email : dustthewinder@gmail.com

email: dustthewinder@gmail.com


29 Aug 11 00:07
Hahahaii....teng kyu so mach brader!!!.^^ so kapan waktu nih kita jepret2 bareng^^ ditunggu
22 Aug 11 10:36
Thank You sir for APP and Compliments... YOur Port Also Fascinating... Wish We Could Collaborate Soon..I Have A Fashion Concepts Shot for Next.. And I need Partner. Like You..^^
19 Jul 11 16:13
Thx bro, foto bro2 juga bagus2, salam kenal kembali ^_^
09 Jul 11 04:56
Thankz Mas dah mo mampir plus ngasih comment...:)
19 Jun 11 23:21
thanks for come to my port :)
15 Jun 11 11:08
foto anda jauh lebih berbicara pak. salam kenal :-)
03 Apr 11 20:06
Thanks for your nice comment. Love your port!
15 Mar 11 10:59
thank you very much!
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