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WE ARE NOW EXPANDING TO PHILIPPINES!!!!!! Cebu will be the office city

Undiscovered Magazine is a magazine geared to assist unsigned models, artists, musicians get connected to the "RIGHT PEOPLE" to get their careers in the right gear.....Giving you the information to make good decisions about your career while creating a network web with people already established in the industry. We will have interviews with celebrities in different industries to give do's & don'ts tips to newcomers to the industry......

Words Of Wisdom
Never Pay an Agent: Unfortunately, there are many scams and dishonest agents out there that will try to take your money. Never pay any agent to gain acceptance into their agency - these agents are supposed to make you money, not cost you money. It is a good idea to get with the Association of Talent Agents and Better Business Bureau before signing with any agent. Also, you should never be required to use a photographer that the agent refers you to. This is an old scam where the agent gets kickbacks from the photographer and the two of them will work in collusion to take your money. As long as you are aware of the situation, you should have no problem finding a quality modeling agent and launching your modeling career!

Models - Establish your niche and determine your market
A niche is a special place within the scheme of things. What type of modeling do you wish to pursue? You can’t be everything to everybody so you need to carve out a section of the broad term “model” and segment your work. Do you want to be a commercial model, fashion model, fitness model, swimsuit model, runway model, plus size model, parts model or another kind of model? Let’s assume you want to be a fashion model. Do you want to do runway or would you rather do catalog modeling? Do you want to show room work, swimsuit modeling or lingerie modeling?
There are many categories of modeling. Many models make the mistake of being a “model” without setting the stage for success by creating a smaller niche. The narrower you define your niche, the more you focus on that niche and the more expertise you have within that niche the better your chances will be of gaining employment.

Models - Establish your brand through images
A brand image is a symbolic concept created within the minds of people and consists of all the information and expectations associated with a product or service. The great thing about modeling is you can create your own reality through images. What do you want people to think when they see your image? Advertisers or agents looking to find a model to help with a specific campaign are looking for a certain “look.”
What “look” do you want to portray with the majority of our images? It is fine to deviate from one look, but the more emphasis you place on a central image, the better your chances of capturing the attention of the right agent or advertiser.

Models - Consult with photographers
Your portfolio has a major impact on your career in modeling. A good photographer should know what is going to be shot before the shoot and more importantly why it is going to be shot. Before having any photographer work with you I would highly recommend a well planned out meeting in person or at least by phone. During this meeting explain to the photographer why you want to shoot with them. Explain in detail your niche and the look you need to capture during the shoot. There should be a mutual understanding of a basic game plan prior to any shoot. Ask the photographer to show you images from the last 10 shoots they have done. Talk about the images. What kind of effort and passion went into these photos? Never “settle” for an average photographer, your portfolio is too important.

The aim of a great photographer is to capture moments in time that have lasting appeal. Any photographer you shoot with should have the same passion you have about modeling. The attitude of “good enough” isn’t good enough for your portfolio. The attitude of perfection is what you want. Never shoot with a photographer based on price. Just because a photographer will shoot you for free or close to it doesn’t make them a great photographer. Often great photographers are quite expensive. Often just because a photographer is expensive does not make them a great photographer.

What goes into outstanding model portfolios?
The key to an outstanding model portfolio is to have images that get you work. A great portfolio is not created overnight. It is well planned and created to suit the purpose for which it is intended. A captivating portfolio is a models strongest marketing tool. Once you have a vision of the type of work you want to pursue, the portfolio should be created to maximize that “look.” There should be a range of images contained in a great portfolio book, but focus shouldn’t be taken away from the main niche. The goal of a great portfolio is to show potential “buyers” you have what it takes to get hired. A great portfolio:

1. Captures the attention of the audience.
2. Contains only ad worthy images (top quality images).
3. Usually contains 6 – 12 photos.
4. Establishes your niche/brand.
5. Contains a headshot, ¾ shot, full body shot, front, side, back, and a range of looks.
6. Some color and some black/white

Never use a photo in you portfolio that isn’t the absolute best you know is possible. Never “settle” for anything less than perfect. Competition is extreme, you simply can’t afford to have anything in your portfolio that is below perfection.

Will be adding more to profile soon.....This is a culturally diverse magazine. We welcome ALL!!!


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