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Searching for new models to take my photography to the next level.
You may note right away that most of my models have shot with me repeatedly, and that is due to each session with me being an experience. They return because I keep a model at ease at all times, we will laugh much and the conversations are always centered on what the model wants....out of the session and out of this industry.
Over 25 years experience in Macro, Fashion, Glamour and portrait work, and my unique camera angles make my images very distinctive. Many of my sick angles and images are published and ALL ARE COPYRIGHTED.
I will not hesitate to drag you to court for using ANY of my works if you haven't discussed it with me first.
Trust me on that.
Beginners or professionals:
Let me hear from you if you need new images for your portfolio, and you must be at least 18 years of age to sign a contract. All work is strictly on a contract basis, usually paid sessions with limited TFP.
Escorts are welcomed provided they do nothing and say nothing to interfere with the session or affect the models mood.



National Geographic 1992
Esquire 1995
Various International Publications


20 Feb 14 17:36
Awesome port! Wishing you all the best.
10 Jul 13 16:26
Some great work, thanks for sharing!
23 Jun 13 05:42
17 Apr 13 10:48
I like your work keep it up!
15 Sep 12 23:51
I enjoyed viewing your work!
06 Sep 12 13:46
Thanks for the kind comment!
05 Jul 12 13:32
Thanks for coming by and the pic comments.
26 Jun 12 22:34
Thanks for the photo comments. Great work !!
23 Jun 12 13:41
Thank you for accepting my request.
21 Jun 12 15:39
Stop..Stop the madness ..lol. You do great work too punk..heehee }:)
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