About Me

Freelance photographer that is looking to expand his portfolio while you can expand yours. Is willing to work with models with varying experience. If you are interested in shooting some TF to benefit both our portfolios just ask. I can work with your concept or suggest some. Also, I'm always interested in shooting a concept that challenges my skills as a photographer and photoshop wizard. I'm interested in working with new models, looking to build their portfolios as well as building relationships.

Photo sessions are not booked or confirmed unless we have a real conversation by phone. It is necessary. Both your time and my time are valuable.

I do all of my own edit work.

Be prepared to show I.D. and sign a model release the day of the shoot. No exceptions.

1-Models Must Arrive on Time if it is (TFCD)
2-I do not Provide Wardrobe or MUA

I believe the best shots are done when we (as a team) can reflect the right look and feel from the shoot. I pride myself on aiding the model to exude the necessary emotions they would be looking to portray in a shot with out feeling uncomfortable.

Shoots I am looking to do:

Selective Color
Seasonal Shots
and many more, just ask me!
Sports cars (Lambo's, Ferrari e.t.c)
Motorcycle's (Harley's)
With a Gun
Implied with Silk Sheet
With red roses as a prop
Graffiti wall



09 Nov 12 22:56
Fabulous Portfolio keep up the awesome work.
22 Nov 11 02:09
Hello and amazing port. I offer high quality digital services with creative concepts. There are some before and after examples on my profile. Best regards, Joe Diamond
16 Oct 11 02:35
Great work.
08 Oct 11 00:27
I can be, depending on what the assignment is. I'm sure we can always figure something out, did you have anything in mind? -Jennifer
07 Oct 11 11:51
Depending on the job, I could be. Sometimes I go for auditions and jobs, and we could work together after that or something.
04 Oct 11 14:12
Hey thanks! I would love to work with u someday :)
04 Oct 11 12:38
Thanks! I'd love to work with you, your work is great from what I can see. :)
04 Oct 11 00:36
It might be possible if the travel expenses are covered at least. Otherwise it will not be possible because I do not go there often. In case this does not happen wish you lots of fun in Quebec.
02 Oct 11 16:07
Thank you very much for the nice words. Let me know if you are ever in Canada and we will discuss it :)
02 Oct 11 14:42
I would be very interested in working together!! Thank you! -Jennifer
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