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I love to draw the most beautiful thing on earth, what is it? Yeap, the female body.
I love to draw women who spread a certain erotic, but don't show too much. For my drawings I am always looking for Models, who wish to be drawn.

I use photos as reference only, because one drawing takes about a week or two (or sometimes even more) in my free-time, and I don't think any model would keep still that long (that's so impossible I think) :-P

For Painting, I love experiencing new techniques and ideas, my work is strongly influenced by the Bima Tribe, from Sumbawa island, Indonesia, It's color is so brightness and life fully.

I particularly love to work with figurative art, I have used a few models in some of my works. I am looking forward to some exhibitions, and looking for models who can work with me either for nudes or non-nude for posing or for a photo shoot.

Sometimes I do photography also, but for female body, I love drawing so much. Photography is a different side of my art. It's more than capturing an object, it's about a light....

So if you are interested in getting a drawing of yourself, just contact me on my E-Mail : ariefbedel@yahoo.com

Sure with full regards.....


19 Jul 11 22:31
Thankz 4 FR Mas Arief...Salam Kenal....:)
21 Jun 11 14:35
Sure, go ahead. ;)
30 Mar 11 15:31
Just dropping by to thank you for your kind words. All my images are copyrighted and you would have to contact the photographers in question for their permission first. I am flattered at your interest...
08 Feb 11 23:17
hey...you did draw me! love it! :)
31 Jan 11 17:39
A million years ago you asked if you could draw one of my pics- and of course! Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Still new to istudio =P Great work!
20 Jan 11 18:06
Yes, you may draw it. My only request is you scan it and show me how it turns out. :-)
11 Jan 11 14:08
Thanks! Nice work!
29 Dec 10 17:39
27 Dec 10 11:08
Wow nice work!
27 Dec 10 09:12
todays last day of voting im in 4th place, ;( but still have 1 whole day for everybody to vote, still not giving up hehe, please vote again, ask your friends to vote thank u,
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