About Me

Hi, I'm Hanna...
Born in Java Island Indonesia, just arrive from south America working with the Indonesian embassy there as the face of Indonesia.
I am very interested in modeling, and have been since i was little. I would say I'm pretty experienced. I would like to get more experience and get into a good agency.
I love clothes, I would say my style is comfortable, but stylish. I wear what makes me feel comfortable and sexy.

I'm not looking for nudes at this time, only implied!!!!

any questions, dont hesitate to ask me.


27 Sep 11 03:55
Love your port...see me at http://www.becomeactress.com/
26 Dec 10 11:42
very pretty fotos:) xoxo
15 Dec 10 22:10
15 Dec 10 05:13
Be welcome and success always!!!
29 Nov 10 17:30
Hi Hanna! Welcome to istudio! :)
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