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Photography, the act of creating beautiful images, combining elements of nature’s beauty with occasional help from Photoshop, is my passion. However, it’s not my day job. Nearly all shoots are done on weekends; some local shoots can be accomplished week nights. Most of my work is done outdoors in nature, some is done in a studio environment. I generally allow the models to choose their own look, location and bring whomever they wish to the shoot. While I do some nude work, I don’t focus on it. My idea of sexy is showing as much as possible, without showing anything. I’m an older gentleman, usually about three times the age of the models I photograph. Creating these images is my only agenda.

I work 'almost' exclusively on a TF basis. All I ask of a model is to able to model/pose. Please don't contact me looking for paid work. If you're a paid model and want to enhance your portfolio, then let's do that in a win-win mode (TF).



01 May 12 18:21
Killer photography, your work shows your skill and love of your work.
26 Nov 10 21:19
stunning portfolio love to work with you someday http://zarihsretouching.com/
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