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i love photography..
I'm a freelancer photographer.. correction!!! photography is just my hobby thought.. not looking any money from it nor can't afford those expensive models lol,
i like doing a candid photography, it's so Spontaneous, what I like about doing candid is how u can take photos of model that posed the way they want to pose, n then u can captured the atmosphere of the real thing that happened, u don’t have to direct them, u don’t have to wait for them to do the right pose, all u have to do is make a photo out of them and enjoy.
anyway I’m doing photography just for a hobby, don€™t have to be professional and don’t have to be famous, all I want is just have fun and enjoy.



05 Mar 12 11:21
Great work, great portfolio.
22 Jun 11 01:54
Thanks for the FR :) . . . . . Visit: www.facebook.com/cindy.devina.fans
02 Mar 11 23:42
thanks for the comment
02 Mar 11 19:05
Thanks Ricky for the FR add...Keep up the good work!
26 Jan 11 02:14
thnx for the FR...^^
09 Dec 10 13:27
thanks to you too.. :)
08 Dec 10 03:45
thank you for your photo comments......hope adik will have opportunity to be considered in your next photo shoot...thanks
08 Dec 10 01:16
thx 4 u FR,sucses always
05 Dec 10 11:33
thank you for adding adik.....
01 Dec 10 16:31
Thank you for the FR Serena
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