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I have 8 years experience as a photographer in Miami ,new york an ga. My specialty is out door pictures, I have an eye for photography and not everyone has one, Im in the process of up dateing my port, so if you want to be a part of it let me know. I learn something new on every shoot, I,m much reverence a models instincts for what looks right, more often than not what truly interests me is what ever a model want to add to there port. This why I love hearing a models idea going into any shoot .My photography is about my client and my goal is to protray my subject as an art and capture the true elementof my lens


18 Aug 12 19:05
Thank you for the FR and the Tag!! Your port is amazing as well!! I will be in the Savannah-Tybee Island area coming up Labor Day weekend!!
16 Aug 11 06:52
Love u Port...Perfect, if you come to jakarta maybe we can work together...:) You can also see the beautiful places in my country Indonesia, such as Anyer beach, Kuta Beach Bali and many other places that can be used as an object shooting
13 Jun 11 10:11
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
27 Dec 10 17:45
Lovely Port!
22 Dec 10 09:41
Hi Derrick!! Thanks very much for the friend request! Love your port so far and I wish you all the best! Have a very Merry Christmas :) Kind Regards, Lauren Sf. www.wix.com/Lauren_sf/Model
31 Aug 10 12:53
thnk for the FR
26 Aug 10 17:41
Thanks for the FR! Love your beach shots!
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