About Me

Hello, my name is Jori. I am a 21 year old female model and photographer.

I am interested in many different genres of modeling and photography, but fashion would certainly be my first choice. In my photos, I want to bring out beauty, emotion, and creativity.

Currently, I am doing selective testing. I am primarily looking for fashion type models. Height doesn't matter to me, as long as you are slender and capable of appearing tall in your photos.

MUAs, hair stylists, and stylists - I am always looking for talented professionals! I always, always send you photos, whether the model paid you or if it was a test shoot.

Please message me for rates.

The difference between test and paid shoots:
When I do a test shoot, I look it as both the model and the photographer (and anyone else involved) all working together to benefit everyone's portfolio. It's a group effort, and I'll do my best to make everyone happy and get the shots that everyone wants. You can provide insight into which photos you like best, but ultimately I decide which 5 to edit. You will be required to send a model release, and both you and I (and hair stylist, MUA if applicable) can use the photos wherever they choose.
When I do a paid shoot, it is you who is in charge. You can feel free to let me know exactly what it is you are looking for. If desired, I will arrange and set up a MUA, stylist, or hair stylist for you, but you will be required to pay their fees. We can shoot as many looks as you like in about 2 hours. After the shoot, you will choose the photos that you like best, and I will edit those only. Any requests you have concerning editing and retouching will be followed.

Shooting with Me...

- I NEVER give out raw, unedited photos, for either paid or test shoots. If you wish to choose your favorite photos, or let me know certain editing styles you prefer, that's all fine. But sorry, no raw photos.

- I am very experienced with Photoshop and all the editing work you see in my portfolio was done by me.

- I normally edit photos from the shoot in 1 - 2 weeks, depending on how many shoots I have going at the moment.

- I edit 5 photos, and send them to you via email. For those of you who expect me to edit fifty photos, I am sorry, but that is simply impossible. I spend 3 hours or more editing a single photo.

- I have my own studio and equipment located in Hallandale. My studio is not official, it is in my home. If you like the studio shots in my portfolio, then my little studio is just fine, because that's where they were taken. :)

- My apartment building has a private beach, and that is where I do most of my beach shoots. I prefer to shoot beach photos at sunrise.

- If you want to arrange for a MUA, hair stylist, etc etc to come along... Great! However, I don't pay anyone when I take photos, and yes, that includes your MUA.

- If you're allergic to cats, we can't shoot at my house!

If any model is interested in shooting with me, please either tag or message me. I am always looking for new faces!


20 Mar 14 02:13
Wonderful port!
24 Aug 10 15:43
Im ur fan hunny!!! <3
11 Aug 10 12:14
Good Morning! I hope you have a Great Day! xoxo, Amy
09 Aug 10 22:14
Amazing Portfolio! You are very talented!
09 Aug 10 11:56
Keep up the good work! Great photos!
03 Jun 10 12:00
Nice work! Welcome to istudio.
03 Jun 10 06:32
Hello! Welcome to IS!
02 Jun 10 20:19
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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