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About Me

Semi-Professional Photographer with extensive experience in portraiture, glamour and models portfolios.

Available for TFP/TFCD shoots

These days I am focusing on gallery exhibition and my work has shown in art galleries and museums around the U.S. including the Center for Fine Art Photography, Altered Esthetics Gallery, the Cahoun Museum of American Art, the Gertrude Herbert Art Museum, the RMS Fine Art Gallery and several others.

Always looking for models to work on several fine art nude projects I have bouncing around in my head.

Some comments received on my images...

"Very tribal and well done on a simple set. Great pose and lighting.
Good advertisement to future models/photographers of what can be
done in the simplest of locations."

"This is a beautiful figure study! Nice work!! Beatifully posed and lit!"

"Beautiful! Perfection!!!"

"Excellent shot. Beautiful color and saturation."

"This rocks! Remarkable image!!"

"People will have great difficulty with this image as it is confronting. It is
more a mix of torture and rape than a lightning volt. And some women will find
this of course highly confronting.Though it has merit in the light of what is
happening to men and women daily around the world through no fault of their own.
It takes great courage to confront and be a part of recording what is fact in
this world and I applaud your work. Well modelled and conceived. You did not
hold back and that is to commended"

"Incredible image, stunning. Beautifully done."

"While a mature model she carries this pose off extremly well and is to be highly
commended. Shows simplicity in pose works and balance is the fundamental to any good nude."

"Very nice! Really beautiful use of lighting in this. Creates a strong yet quiet mood."

"At once, this image is sensual and demure. VERY beautiful and tasteful."

"This is a wonderful image. I love the feeling, lighting and composition."

"So soft and sensual"

"I love it!!! the mood you conveyed ... is a sort of bashful sensuality!"

"This is breathtaking..."