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Although we exist in a society that is based upon rules and limits, the world of fashion is not afraid to bend and break them all.

The influential Secrets of the Modeling World was born right in the heart of the exclusive, tight knit, yet vast world of fashion.

We have created a place that holds its own style and rules. A place that is limitless and free to everyone that is already a part of the world of modeling, and those who dream of entering the modeling industry.

Our goal is to make a difference in the industry and show how beautiful and yet how hard it is to be a part of this world. SOMW is designed for every person out there who is or has been active within the model industry. Our purpose is to inform and entertain the fashion and model community worldwide.

Secrets of the Modeling World is the nucleus of services for models and agencies around the world. We provide informative model news and interviews to keep you abreast of all of events in the industry. SOMW also provides a broad range of services from different providers that are of interest to the fashion community. Our member program allows our elite insiders to experience special treatment and privileges from our many supporters.

SOMW exists as a mother agency that develops, trains, manages and places models with the most prestigious agencies around the world.

Please visit www.somw.org


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Nice work
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