About Me

Hi, I'm Alica Tang, currently living in Shanghai, China
I am a photographer.
I am a business oriented individual who takes pride in his work. I'm looking for serious models with a relaxed, cool, calm, open minded demeanor who want to produce the best possible images without all the "Diva Attitude". Let's have an ENJOYABLE shoot and make the BEST photos!!!
It is appreciated for the models that approach me, to have "SOME" input towards creative ideas for the theme(s) of the shoot. I am an open minded individual who is open to new ideas for that next great shot. We can discuss them and make them come to LIFE during the shoot.

商业摄影 ,人像摄影, 广告摄影, 摄影后期
Advertising Photography, Commercial Photography, Portrait Photography ,

My web site:http://www.tlimage.com
My email:tang@tlimage.com
My MSN:alicatang@msn.com
My QQ:371523745


15 Sep 14 12:15
Excellent port! Keep up the great work!
12 Sep 14 21:22
Gorgeous work!
23 Jul 10 10:31
hey alicia, thanks for the friend request...love your stuff, gorgeous. let me know if you come to nyc, we'll shoot together. tj
18 Feb 10 09:14
Thanks for the friend request! I love your photos! Tasha
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