About Me

Hello all!

I'm a very flexible and versatile modelling artist, whose passion is to dance and to be involved in any original artistic project! Im very friendly, spontaneous and creative and easy to work with!

I have worked as a life model at “L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts” of Clermont-Ferrand (France) and for drawing classes here in Perth. I have also worked with various photographers both in Europe, Australia and Asia, as well as some sculptors and painters in France.

As a dancer, I love to fuse different styles and cultures together. I am a world fusion bellydance artist. I love to dance in natural landscapes : in the desert, in the bush, on the beach, on rocks, in the forest... I also love to handle snakes and dance with them.

I like glamourous and artistic nude photography, especially black and white. I find the lines are pure and extremely sensual...

I hope to keep on travelling the world and pose in some new amazing landscapes!

Peace and shimmies,

Yamina "Soreya"



Photographers I have worked with...

In France:
- Luc Chebance
- Godefroy Hofer
- Philippe Timmerman
- Jac Lavergne
- Benjamin Sailly

In Australia:
- Marita Bird
- Dian Abdurachman
- Stephen Lobo
- Eduardo Morgan Castillo
- Bob Sommerville
- Liv Stockley
- Kaimaha Keremeta
- John Peel
- Richard Stein
- Stephen Lobo
- Jason Tey
- Peter Zuvela
- Rob Kelly
- Dale Neill
- Jon Hewson
- Jason Matz
- Matthew Dwyer
- Alma Sarhan
- Michael Boase

In Cape Verde:
- Cs_Factory (Sasha Cardoso)
- Next Level Studio (Manik Ismael)
- Corvo Video (Ray G Corvo)

In India:
- Joseph Nitin


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24 Jul 14 23:17
Fabulous work!
24 Sep 13 13:28
I am looking for 10 fitness models to use and promote my products http://www.planetbeachbody.com/. Are you interested in the challenge?
24 Sep 13 08:16
Hi. Thanks for the FR. Nice portfolio. You have some great possess there. Amazing, how could you pose like that :)
12 Dec 11 19:07
Thanks! When are you coming to our west coast? (California)
13 Nov 11 13:06
Thanks for the FR, comment & listings, Yamina! You've a great portfolio, all the best with your work!
04 Aug 11 12:43
Thank you for the FR!! =) You Have A marvelous Port Great job^^
31 Jul 11 20:11
soo am glad beirut normalising somehow and someday i will visit again. barby
08 Dec 10 13:12
Thank you so much for the list add!
06 Dec 10 10:50
Every image you have is beautiful. I'm flattered by the friend request!
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