About Me

I specialize in artistic nude photography. My setup is not to use makeup and produce quality images in black and white.

My artistic research is to express beauty from the nude body without reference to sexuality (hence the term "artistic nude"). One can find studies of shapes, movements, expressions, light, ... Each image is designed to enhance the model in all its dignity.

Finally I reached my goal when I am proud of my work and the model like the final results.

Technically, there is no compensation. The project is carried out on a TFP .. which means that I do not charge my work and the model is not paid either. In exchange, the model receives the shoot retouched images it can use for non-commercial use.


Here is how a project is done (technically):
1) We fix a meeting date.

2) On the due date, we do a photoshoot. The shoot can take between 3h to 8h depending on the setup. I usually provide a good bottle of wine for the efforts :) The model can be alone or accompanied. If the model prefers a little more privacy, I can work alone (without assistance), but the time of the shooting will be longer.

3) I select and edit some photos. On average there are at least 5 pictures that "stand out of the crowd". I provide the first photo quickly, but the following would be edited during the year. Depending on my availability to do retouching, there may be delays. Paid assignments is always my priority.

4) I send photos by email to the model. If the model accepts, I publish the photo in my online portfolios (Facebook, Model Mayhem, Deviant Art, Photo.net, PhotoSIG, ...) If the model refuses the publication, so I put the photo to my paper portfolio for personnal promotion.

5) If the model wants a printable version of the photo, I provided on request by delivering a download link. I don't print photos on TFP, but I gives the digital image. You may have access to many places where you can get your photo on print.

It is more interesting for me to publish a photo online because it helps promote my work in photography professional networks. It make sense that if you plan to participate in one of my photoshoot, I'll ask you for online publication in return.

And finally, the prerequisite is to be well with yourself, and have no problem to pose nude. I'm used to this kind of projects and I guarantee a professional quality with my work.


I do work on paid assignment and, yes, I do compensate some models for their works; but only for commercial projects.