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We are Vita Blu'...
Vita Blu’ combine’s Keia Bradford and Katt Monroe as today’s Dream team stylist; we are both very talented hairstylist and MUA. We both possess a passion and appreciation for the art of the world of beauty and fashion. Doing several events and beauty shows as well as behind the scenes hair and make-up for TLC’s popular T.V. show Mystery diagnosis, photo shoots for various up and coming fashion designers, magazines, photographers and modeling agencies such as; Project Runway Winner: Leanne Marshall @ the Echelon Life: Drive to Thrive Charity fashion show, Baltimore Fashion week, EZObase magazine, Reign Modeling Inc. etc. etc. etc.

Currently we continue to work on various projects; Photo shoots, Bridal parties, events etc. We are also working on our Vita Blu’ Couture jewelry line coming soon.

We believe that creativity and passion for your art is the key to everything. We are willing to collaborate with all creative persons and help to bring your creative vision alive!

For More Info:
e-mail: VitaBluXOXO@gmail.com

We'd love to Work with you!!!!


Jazzy Photos #14150
Roy Cox
Rob Morton
Micheal Clark
Michelle Aristocrat
Max Milli

Wardrobe Designer:
Victor Rossi #608711
Viola Ricci
Antwain Pierre
Brandy Godsil

Ezobase Magazine
Sugar Pop Magazine
Cliche' Magazine
Mystery Diagnosis
Four Seasons Films
Blue Rock Studios

J'naki (Ms. Lisa Parker)

list incomplete!!!!


20 Aug 11 13:26
Hey Vita Blue, Thanks for the friend request! Hot port.....I love your work, Keep doin it up and I hope to work with you in the very near future. Much love, respect, support and success Genius
02 Jun 10 20:52
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
10 Mar 10 02:19
love your work!!
10 Feb 10 01:14
Thank you for your friend request!
06 Feb 10 22:05
What's up, I just wanted to check in with you. All is well with this snow... It has to be 30" of it... I had to dig my way out of the house (lol)
28 Jan 10 08:27
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