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Welcome to SPARKLE MODELING AGENCY, Cebu City’s top model agency.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best models and impeccable service. Our clients satisfaction is our number one priority.
Come and discover the exciting opportunities our agency has to offer!

SPARKLE MODELING AGENCY Cebu, Philippines is redefining modeling as a "career" for the future, forward and fast.

SPARKLE Modeling Agency represents professional models, men and women, from 6-60 years old who are at your disposal for Casting and making Print Advertisement and TV Commercial. SPARKLE Agency was created on Nov. 2003, their rapid growth comes from scouting up-and-coming models in Cebu City to provide you the freshest, newest faces for your campaign, and we can offer you professional people for your project.

In addition, we also have a large pool of talents ranging in age and nationality. SPARKLE Agency specializes in catalog, editorial, runway, body part, showroom, fitness, product modeling, lifestyle modeling, corporate modeling, product demo, trade show, and lingerie/swimsuit.

SPARKLE Agency, having a vast network with other agencies, can source out unlimited talents to supply as a Caster for TV commercials, films, fashion and other local and international requirements. It is complimented by hardworking set of talent coordinators and caster, team of bookers and production crew that has had many years of experience in the fashion and modeling industry. This has enabled them to manage and guide models to successful modeling careers. SPARKLE models are well taken cared off. They are constantly exposed to different assignments that enhance their versatility as models.

Models are chosen based on the client's needs for a particular look and feel. SPARKLE models are self-assured and confident that they can project the image required by the client. They keep track of the different dates, times and locations of appointments, thanks to his team and his superb managerial skills. It is the home of models that radiates global appeal with the right attitude. Our vital goal is to assist our clients and models that have worked very closely.

"Reach for the Sky; because if you should happen to miss, you'll still be among the Stars."



26 Apr 10 08:36
can i work for your pictures as picture retoucher? please send email me at rs19810702@yahoo.com thanks
18 Jan 10 17:13
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