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My name is Jasmine Myles. I am 19 years old and feel like I am a very passionate person with a lot of charismatic charm. I am interested in modeling or acting. Either one of those intrigues me. ....

This is who I am This is what I look like This is whom I love This is my life These are my accomplishments These are my failures These are my dreams These are my fears This is who I am These are my people This is my world This is my language These are my words Brown, Black or White Or even just in between This is who I am A citizen of the world Living in A world of Love A world of Peace A world of Unity This is who I am This is how my Creator made me With eyes and ears And fingers, and toes And a heart. To look, listen and touch But mostly to love My friends and foes With unbiased compassion Simple simplicity Without any exaggeration This is just who I am This is just me.