About Me

Lucid X Photos

I am an nyc photographer.

This is a new glamour project I have.

This profile will be dedicated to sexy glamour, high end artistic nudes & commercial work.

Sorry No TF Trades.

I am NOT a NEW photographer, but this is a NEW Profile.
My alternative websites you can check out are:
www.pixelframestudios.com - Commercial/Event Photography
www.carbondecay.com - Alternative Fashion & Fine Art

Ongoing Casting!

Glamour Shoot Casting Call - Click Here



01 Aug 10 03:31
Thank you for the Pic Comment!!!
30 Jun 10 16:52
thanx for picture comment :)
25 Jan 10 11:49
Amazing photos.
16 Dec 09 12:43
Thanx for the Friend request... Look out for my fashion port...coming to you 2010 thanx =) -iamAngel Ps...as well as my website
11 Dec 09 21:12
THanks for the request =] loving your port. very creative would love to hear from you take care
08 Dec 09 01:19
friday?! oh nos!! lol no its cool you are always welcome I told ya that! i would bring your camera if I was you though. Everyone is going to be at this show... and I mean everyone so if I was you I wouldnt forget your business cards this time lol
04 Dec 09 16:56
I saw this and really thought it was a photo theif lol then I relized it just you... with another name again lol
04 Dec 09 12:38
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