About Me

I am an artistic oriented photographer.
I love to contribute to build model's portfolios.



10 Apr 14 16:06
Nice port!
23 Jun 13 05:42
07 Oct 11 08:10
Thank you yet again for the wonderful compliments!
22 Feb 11 22:42
Thank you for the add. I truly enjoy your Port and look forward to seeing more! Cheers! ---A
22 Feb 11 18:00
your work is beautiful! I've really enjoyed you Port. Thank you for sharing. Best, ---A
03 Feb 11 17:26
amazing Port
30 Dec 10 23:49
PS if I forgot to mention, I LOVE YOUR WORK!! Why must you be in Canada? I think it is too cold there for me......I'm hating how cold it is where I am now!! My poor parents moved to FL and they have it COLDER than I do! EEEEEK!
30 Dec 10 23:47
If you keep hitting me with the absolutely lovely comment(s) you've been leaving, I might start to follow you around like a puppy dog, once I've stopped blushing furiously! You are more than kind, thank you!!
18 Nov 10 21:24
Thanks for all the comments...Keep up the Awesome work!!
10 Nov 10 08:57
Hi there! Just dropping by to say of course I would shoot with you again! Just say the word:)
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