About Me

I'm a Chicago photographer who enjoys creating interesting portraits, stylish headshots and mild erotica. I'm always looking for subjects. I'm also looking to significantly widen my portfolio to include a wider range of ethnic groups, body types, hair color and adult ages.


Model Mayhem Folks I've worked with:

Chastity Unique #212624
Mahoganymdl #114881
Safia Jalila #88811
Mia24 (MUA) #189592
niana faison #137010
Dawn Xiana Moon #214728
Randy Jensen (MUA) #279046
Angie Z #146678
Tamitra #472470
erlinda garcia #422002
Wilhemina #538332
Finesse #4016
NitaCashmere #21570

I've also shot architecture for Old House Journal and Chicago Architect Magazines


26 Sep 11 10:39
OMG!!! It was so awesome working with you on Saturday. The pics are perfect. I love them!!! I can't wait to work with you again before the snow flies.
02 Sep 11 11:07
I love your range it is so sexy!!!
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