About Me

I have been creating media for the dance community since 1995. As both a videographer and a computer artist, I have created work for dance companies as well as independent dancers in both Toronto and Tokyo. I also photographed dancers here and abroad. In 1999, I received a grant from the Japan Foundation to study with multimedia artist Haruo Higuma in Tokyo.

Currently residing in Toronto, I continue to work with dance artists and various models to add to my portfolio. I am looking to work with like minded models/artists/individuals to create images, to add to your portfolio or to make art together. Looking for open minded models willing to experiment if open to the idea, or to create images that make you look your best.

I am also a published poet and writer.



24 Aug 14 15:04
Beautiful work!
26 Jun 11 23:01
thank you for your comment:)
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