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My interest in fashion and modeling began when I was a little girl, but my first fashion act started when I (2001.) became a member of "KNEZ" model agency. I attended this school for a few years, until I had my first fashion show, after which I received a model certificate as a result of hard and successful participation in modeling. 2 years later, I joined "UMS-talent's school" agency. I worked with the agency for a while, but unfortunately I had to quit, in spite of moving to another city to get higher education. So, I left the "fashion world" for a while, until I got a call from a rap-group from Belgrade, who asked me to be their album-cover model. I agreed, and terrific photographs were made. Shortly after that, a photographer Stevan Biber contacted me in order to make some test photos with me. The photo-session was marvelous, and as you can see here, the photos are excellent, too. Thanks to Stevan Biber, I cat-walked back into the world of fashion. So, I signed up for a casting for photo (and fitness) models , made by "Rabbit-agency" (owned by Slavko Zec, from Novi Sad), and I was chosen (me and 11 more girls), but 128 girls applied. I signed the contract with that agency. So, I expect from this site to help me move forward in my career, and hopefully leave this country. Photographers who are interested in working with me can easily contact me here. For more information, contact me on "private messages". Thank you, Maja.


Photographer Stevan Biber, from Serbia.
"Rabbit-agency" modeling agency, photographer Slavko Zec, from Serbia


04 Mar 10 10:21
Hi Maja, i love your profile, its very interesting to read, and i think your photos are very attractive, elegant, and Stunning love, Gareth.
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