About Me

If you are a photographer you will have work that I admire.
If a model you will have a look that is exceptional and that there is a better than 70% chance that we will work together.

John Malloch Caldwell, full-time fine art & commercial/editorial photographer. I did retire two years ago but got so bored with it I had to get back to work again. I now work on those jobs that are of real interest to me.

All models used for my fine art work must be 18 or over. I prefer models to have no tattoos or body piercing and have a clean clear complexion and hair in excellent condition.
Other than invited TF* work I charge for portfolio work see below.

If you, as a model, are interested in working with me in any capacity I expect that communication be on a professional level.

For editorial/commercial style work I normally prefer models to be a minimum 5'7", have a slim non enhanced figure, with a good clear complexion and hair in excellent condition. I do the very minimum of post production on my images and much of my work is done on medium or large format film.

ALL work I do is covered by a model release and usage license. The release and license covers all aspects of permitted usage, payment and conditions.

For fine art there is no height restriction, over 18's only with a non-enhanced figure, a good clear complexion and hair in excellent condition.

Personal Projects.
A synopsis of my latest project is available to models who may be interested in working with me. I need your e-mail address to send this.

Working with minors (under 18)
All releases issued have to be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Under the age of 16 all models have to be chaperoned by a parent or legal guardian.

I have now changed my policy on Escorts. All Escorts must be fully registered with the UK SIA.
In addition I still retain the right to refuse to have an escort present if I so wish. Only exception is where one is required by law (under 16 in the UK).



Previous editorial/commercial assignment locations.
USA - Death Valley CA-Las Vegas NV-San Francisco CA-San Jose CA-Westwood CA-Long Beach CA-New York NY,
Russia - Moscow,
France - Paris-Camargue-Nice-Monte Carlo,
Germany - Koln-Berlin,
Italy - Florence-Rome,
Asia - Singapore-Hong Kong-Thailand-Japan
Mexico - Playa del Carmen-Cancun-Tulum
Grand Cayman,
Scotland & UK in general.

8 Kodak International awards.
Exhibitions in New York, Toronto, Sydney, London, Berlin, Paris & Glasgow.

Short client list -
Taylor & Shroff (Asia) Ltd.
British Airways,
Bank of Scotland,
Royal Bank of Scotland,
Thai International Airways,
Scottish Distillers,
BBC / Channel 4 / Channel 5 / ITV / Center TV Moscow / DirecTV Colorado & Long Beach,
Westinghouse Singapore,
TNT Hong Kong,
Disney Singapore,
Microsoft TV,
Sun Micro Systems, San Jose CA - Sony LA - Singapore - Hong Kong,
Exectutive Travel Magazine - Monte Carlo - Aigue Morte - Paris.
Various In-Flight mags,
Special edition of Des Nudes (Spain),
Special Edition of La Fotographia (Spain).

Travel for 2009.
Scotland 27th - 30th June - Landscapes. (completed)
August - London and local - Editorial/Commercial
Paris September/October - Editorial/Street
September - Scotland - Landscapes
September - Yorkshire Moors - Landscapes
October - Coastal Landscapes- Dover to Cornwall
November - Scotland - Isle of Skye - Landscapes


16 Feb 11 23:38
Thankyou very much for your FR, MandyXXXXXXXXXXX
01 Dec 10 04:51
Hello John, found you here too! Serena
16 Mar 10 09:58
thanks for friends like yourjob
08 Oct 09 09:25
Thanks for FR, nice work and nice last name 'Caldwell' exactly the same as mine:)!
04 Oct 09 18:58
Hiya great to see you here, yes We must arrange to meet for coffee soon! When are you free? let me know xxx
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