About Me

There isn't much to me! BUT m surely not your average "Joe" you meet so very often who leads a normal life, cuz my life and existence probably is much more depleted than his!

Interests :
Liverpool FC, McLaren F1, movies & shows, altrn8 english music, gardening (i know it may seem weird that i like gardening!), takin care of my dog..
Open roads n other related/unrelated stuff too..
Chattin up people from different parts of d world!


13 Oct 09 15:00
funny tag, yeah that's an IB kid for ya!
11 Oct 09 12:13
thanks for the fr, fab port x
10 Oct 09 08:35
HEy, how are you? thanks for the FR :) Cheers Ella
10 Oct 09 02:01
Your welcome, good luck to you also!
10 Oct 09 00:41
Mayukh, Thanks for the FR, you have a stunning look!
16 Sep 09 18:55
Namaste and welcome.
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