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I have been working with Professional Photography of Models Since 2004 as well as other aspects of the Modeling and Film Industry. I am a Photographer first and everything else is secondary. I have been on various super shoots with many other Photographers and have worked with over fifty different models as well as actors in a variety of projects.
I enjoy photography of models and prefer the models I work with to have a good time as being Professional with the ability to do both.
I am open to working with any other photographers and models of all types. I have worked with a group of different photographers with diverse backgrounds and years in the Professional Model Photography Industry.
Any one who wishes to view other work I do other than Photography should contact me about that, but I am mostly interested in Photography of Models first.
I am a member of the Independent Filmmakers Alliance, The Internet Movie Data Base and of OMP. To check out my overall background just google my name.

You can also look at list of my film credits on IMBD and my complete background of Film Credits in the Resume on IMDB. I am heavily involved with many aspects of the Entertainment Industry in addition to my Model Photography that actually started everything I do today. Without the great models I have been able to shoot over the years including one who went on to become a Playboy Playmate, then I would not be doing all the things I am doing today.

I try to be the best Professional possible and always treat models with respect first as well as other photographers. I will never openly criticize someone and if I send a friend request its because I admired something in your work. I have been working in the industry for almost eleven years doing photography, model management and filmmakking. I have a lot of ongoing projects and you can google my name to see my complete background as well having a Internet Movie Database Pro Account and have credits on over sixty films worldwide that appear on my IMDB Resume.

I have sponsored Model Networking Events and Major Supershoot Weekends for Models/Photographers alike with the most of them being sponsored out of pocket by my Company. I am dedicated to the Modeling and Photography world alike as well as the Film Entertainment Industry.

One Model Place #66464

Models can submit to be in our Special Guest Model Of The Month Contest on Facebook and we are followed by a lot of long term Professional Photographers, models and entertainment Professionals.

For my Film Credits you can check the IMDB Profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2362886/

Also check our business page on Facebook out: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Magnums-ModelsMagnum-Caliber-Films/133299753378373#!/pages/Magnums-ModelsMagnum-Caliber-Films/133299753378373

As of April 2012 I am finishing up work on an Independent Horror Film titled "Bloody Sisterly Love" for which you can see some of that work on the Facebook Page for it and on YouTube. The movie has two well known Independent Film Actors who have shot for it already, being Dawn Lyn and Kayla Perkins! So I am very professional and have ongoing projects both modeling and film!

As of late 2015 I will be doing less and less with the modeling business as I have gotten more involved with film work. Not completely out of the business just yet, but in a transitional phase right now.



05 Jun 16 17:01
You have nice works! love it!
14 Jun 15 04:04
Thanks for the listing :)
13 Jun 15 09:12
Thank you for the comment. Wonderful work
28 Dec 14 03:40
Love you`re work!
25 Nov 14 05:26
Thank you for the list. Wonderful work.
09 Oct 14 11:08
Nice port! Keep up the good work!
13 Sep 14 09:00
Your welcome and thank you. Thanks for the list too, very much appreciate it Best wishes Amanda
06 Sep 14 12:30
You have a beautiful port, your work is amazing
24 Aug 14 16:28
Fun portfolio, Love it!!
31 May 14 20:28
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